Anne grew up in an abusive household. In her early teens she began living with her boyfriend, who forced her into prostitution. When she was about 16, Anne and her boyfriend were staying together in an abandoned house. Like most people in her life up until that point, he physically and mentally abused her. It was at this time that he arranged a robbery. Under his instructions, she lured the victim to the home. Once there, her boyfriend killed the victim. Anne was sentenced to life in prison.

Anne, who preferred to be interviewed through letters, is the only cast member I did not speak with on the phone. Anne’s dialogue was edited to make it more conversational since her interview was through letters, which do not have the same rhythm or hesitations as spoken conversations.

Below is an excerpt from her letters:

After getting sentenced to life without parole, I called my mom. She was crying. I don’t remember the conversation. [nervous laugh] That uh, that marked the beginning of her actually telling me that she loved me… something I would hear and see on cards until she uh, until she, until she passed away…

I have a simplistic view of my life outside of prison at the moment. I don’t put much thought into it. I have to survive and cope in the here and now. I just want to do everyday things that, even as a kid, I didn’t get to do because I was under someone else’s rule. I would like to complete my college education. I would like to clip coupons and walk my dog. I would have to devote some part of my life to advocating for abused and exploited children. Probably open my own business; what, exactly, I don’t know. Do as much good with whatever years I may have left.