Elizabeth spoke with Joe on the phone and via Jpay. He is awaiting resentencing. Below is an except from their conversation:

Being away from my loved ones, it’s like, like losing a limb, eventually you get used to it. You get to walking and moving around like you were born that way.

To watch the distances come between me and my loved ones that to get to the point where sometimes I feel like a stranger or where… where it feels like the distance between ourselves becomes irreversible. Those are hard times. This kind of, this kind of made me a stranger to them. We don’t really know each other much anymore. I talk to them occasionally, I reach out to them but…yeah… yeah I don’t hear from them as much as I’d like to…

As the years and my perception on everything changes so does my, so do my dreams but…I love sayings, I love quotes, like little words of wisdom, all that stuff. I think it was Mark Twain, it might not have been, it might have been somebody else. But they said a man needs three things in his life to be happy – something to do, someone to love and something to hope for. You know I want to work when I get out. I’ve been thinking about becoming an RN and from there a physical therapist. I want to be married… Like most days, I want to be married. Maybe have kids, maybe not. I’m kind of a cynic about society. I’m not confident in my abilities to raise a child without them, maybe, possibly, turning out bad so I don’t know if I’d want children, but maybe. And if I do, that’d be my thing to hope for, that they turn out good.